Carbon Cleaning

Carbon cleaning removes sooty deposits from your engine and is a safe and reliable method of restoring lost performance and also an effective way of helping your car pass its MOT emissions test. At BCP Specialists, we offer a highly-reputed carbon cleaning service at our workshop in Bridgend.

Modern cars can generally go a decent number of miles before they need much engine maintenance but you may notice a decrease in performance as the vehicle ages. This drop in performance can often be put down to the build-up of soot which is an inevitable consequence of burning fuel, and this is often more pronounced in diesel-powered vehicles.

The carbon cleaning service at BCP Specialists uses specialist equipment to access the fuel system without having to dismantle the engine, unlike the old carbon cleaning methods where the carbon had to be literally scraped off.

BCP Specialists has been an RAC Accredited Repairer for a few years now and we are very much committed to maintaining the high standards that the RAC demand. We also offer 0% finance on car repairs with Payment Assist to help with those unexpected costs. Honest pricing, high-quality work and exceptional customer service are what we can guarantee you when you come to BCP Specialists.

To find out more about Carbon Cleaning in Bridgend, contact us online or call us directly on 01656 674011

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